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Student Moving Tips, for shipping Overseas

How to pack student baggage for shipping?
There are various methods and myths on how to pack for student shipping overseas. The rule is simple, pack light, and pack well so as that you personal, fragile items do not get damaged or broken in transit to your destination Improper packing leads to breakage and damage.​
​Make a list of the items your wish to ship or take with your before you start packing so that your don't get last minute surprises.​For overseas student shipping always use export quality Double wall or Tri-wall boxes and good quality packing tape. The boxes we recommend are designed to withstand manual handling. you can also pack your personal items into bag, Bags, Suitcase or hard-shell suitcases. we accept all types of luggage and baggage for international moving overseas.
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You will need the following:-
  • Boxes for Student packing
  • Packing Tape; for securing the box externally
  • Pen / Marker Pen: to write with for packing list and marking the box.
  • Packing List for each box.
Have plenty of supplies; Boxes, Cartons, use the right size box or container for your items, clothing should be packed with plastic lining inside to stop any water damage to your belongings, Books and printed matter should be packed in to book boxes.
Make sure that all items packed are secure and they do not protrude out of boxes, for fragile items use bubble wrap or tissue paper for cushioning and tape well before placing into box. Where every possible use recommend manufactures boxes for electronics’, and fragile items. 
Do not over pack the box, over packed or heavy boxes in excess can split in transit through manual handling processes.
Happy Packing...
if you require professional packing services then please contact our customer services on :0845 270 7186​
Please below list of Dangerous, Hazerdous and Prohited Restricted articals for Shipping.
Prohited articals are the following items (or any item similar in description or content) cannot be carried on any service. Any student sending such an item may be subject to their ordering being cancelled and will not receive a refund. If the item is collected it will not be covered by insurance. · Aerosol· Air Bag· Alcoholic Beverages· Ammunition· Animals Of Any Form (Alive Or Dead)· Biological Samples· Car Batteries· Lithium batteries· Car Bonnet· Car Bumper· Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards· Cheques· Christmas Crackers· Counterfeit Currency· Credit/Debit/Cash Cards· Dangerous Goods· Drugs (Including Prescription)· Filth· Fire Extinguisher· Fish (Live Or Dead)· Gun· Hazardous Goods· Human Remains· Infectious Substances· Juice· Liquid· Lottery Tickets· Meat· Money/Cash/Currency· Oil· Paint· Passport· Perishable Goods (All)· Plant· Printer Toner (International Parcels Only)· Printer Toner (International Parcels Only)· Replica Weapons· Settee· Sinks· Slush Syrup· Sofa· Stamps (Unless Franked)· Toilets· Unknown· Water· Weapons· Windscreen.
No Compensation Items:The following items (or any item similar in description or content) can only be carried on a no compensation basis on any service. Items can be sent but if damaged or lost will not be covered by insurance.· Amber· Antique· Beswick Figure· Bottle· Bottles· Bulbs· Camera· Canvas Print· Car Door· Car Panel· Ceramic· Ceramics· Chandelier· China· Chocolate· Clock· Computer· Computer Monitor· Concrete· Confectionary· Crockery· Crystal· Delicate Items· Detergent· Diamonds· Dinner Service· Dinner Set· Documents· Fiberglass· Figurine· Fish Tank· Fishing Rods· Food· Fragile Items (All)· Framed Painting· Framed Photograph· Gems Or Gemstones· Glass· Glassware· Gold· Guitar· Hamper· Headlight· Jewellery· Lamp· Laptop· Lenses· Lighting· Lights· Marble· Microscope· Microwave· Mirror· Monitor· Music Instruments· Ornament· Over Head Projector· Painting· Pewter Figures· Picture· Picture Frames· Plates· Porcelain· Pot· Pottery· Precious Metals· Projector· Real Fur· Resin· Scanner· Shower Screen· Silver· SIM Cards· Spectacles· Stoneware· Tail Lights· Tea Set· Telescope· Television· Tickets· Tiles· Torches· Various· Vase· Velux· Watch· Window· Window Frame.
All Goods are Carried as per Companies Terms and Conditions of Carriage (copy available upon request)
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