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We are a student shipping company based near heathrow who help university students ship their goods around the globe. 

We get it done - quickly and in budget so you can worry less and study more.

Our Student shipping services are designed to alleviate you from having to carry and pay excessive air line baggage fee’s.

Drop us a call or fill out our quote form.

Once you're happy with the price - you can start preparing your bags!

We can provide you with boxes or you can pack your goods in a suitcase.

The average size box (60 x 50 x 40) cm which will hold up to 30kgs.

You should NOT have any flammable liquids, aerosols or lithium batteries in your unaccompanied baggage.  

After you have packed your luggage give us a call.

We will arrange collection for you.

Your shipment will be processed and delivery arranged accordingly!

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